Picó Art for La Rumba Buena – Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia.

I had a chance to visit the Caribbean Coast for about a week during my trip to Colombia in 2015.  I was very keen to check out what I had heard so much about in terms of Champeta music and Picó culture (huge parties usually held in different neighbourhoods throughout the city involving massive sound systems).

On the second day, as I was wondering around, I dropped by a local art and culture centre called Centro Cultural Ciudad Movil and was lucky enough to meet a really cool guy named Christian.

Christian is heavily involved in the art and music community in Cartagena and he is also a super talented DJ. He was incredibly generous with his time and shared all kinds of local knowledge with me. One of the highlights was when he took me out to Mercado Bazurto to meet the legendary Picó artist “Runner” who is famous for doing poster art for the Champeta/Picó jams. Runner was a super kind soul was also cool enough to hand-paint the Rumba Buena team personalized DJ banners!

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