Picó Art for La Rumba Buena – Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia.

I had a chance to visit the Caribbean Coast for about a week during my trip to Colombia in 2015.  I was very keen to check out what I had heard so much about in terms of Champeta music and Picó culture (huge parties usually held in different neighbourhoods throughout the city involving massive sound systems).

On the second day, as I was wondering around, I dropped by a local art and culture centre called Centro Cultural Ciudad Movil and was lucky enough to meet a really cool guy named Christian.

Christian is heavily involved in the art and music community in Cartagena and he is also a super talented DJ. He was incredibly generous with his time and shared all kinds of local knowledge with me. One of the highlights was when he took me out to Mercado Bazurto to meet the legendary Picó artist “Runner” who is famous for doing poster art for the Champeta/Picó jams. Runner was a super kind soul was also cool enough to hand-paint the Rumba Buena team personalized DJ banners!

Discos Fuentes – Studio Tour

A couple of years ago while I was in Medellin, Colombia I had an opportunity to meet with some of the people at Discos Fuentes, my favourite and arguably the most important record label in Colombia.

I wanted to meet with Discos Fuentes to learn a bit more about the history of the label and to see where all of this amazing music had been recorded since its start in 1934.

When I arrived at the office I met with the head sound engineer, Tony Penarredonda to talk all things Fuentes. Tony was also very curious as to why I was interested in Discos Fuentes and Colombian music in general. After our conversation, I got a full tour of the facilities and I also had a chance to meet with the rest of the team.

It was a very inspiring meeting and I felt super privileged to have been welcomed the way that the Fuentes team welcomed me.

At the end of our meeting, Tony asked if I would be interested in doing a DJ mix for the label of some of my favourite songs as well as an interview for their Youtube channel to talk about why I was so interested in music from the Discos Fuentes label.
Of course, I agreed and the following week I spent a day in the studio with an amazing team of people and had a chance to (start to) put together a mix as well as do a short interview.
It was a very positive experience and I want to give a big shout out to the whole Discos Fuentes team for being so hospitable and open to having me there.

DJ Skate Nights: Harbourfront Centre

by Madison Fitzpatrick

DJ Skate Night is Toronto’s #1 outdoor winter party that brings winter activity and music together. Family and friends have fun skating on the ice while listening to different genres of music every week. This block party is every Friday night from 8pm -11pm, and features several different talented DJ’s. The event is free and takes place at the Harbourfront Centre Natrel Rink in Toronto.

On January 14th 2017, La Rumba Buena was the feature entertainment for the evening. Around 7:30 pm with the skating rink packed and the line up to rent skates out the door, it was clear that the night was only getting started.

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La Rumba Buena: Redeeming the Soul of the Torontonian Salsa Lover One Night at a Time

By Sebastién Pol

For Garret (DJ Drumspeak) it all began with a mix tape of Willy Colon, Joe Cuba, and Tito Puente he listened to as a teenager. For Anton (DJ Blancon) it all began with La Murga’s trombone intro one night in a bar in Stockholm. Today, after years of exploring a multiplicity of Latin rhythms and collecting hundreds of records from around the world, it is precisely the love for classic salsa what brought them together to make La Rumba Buena[i]; a night exclusively dedicated to salsa brava[ii] in Toronto where you can dance your heart out just as if you were in the barrios[iii] of Cali, San Juan, el Callao, or Havana.

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La Rumba Buena – Chicha Art



I had the opportunity to travel down to Peru a couple of weeks ago and everywhere I looked I saw the super distinctive Chicha font. While I was in Lima I met the amazing Gonzalo Leandro y Cindy Mescco from the Brocha Gorda art collective. As the Chicha font was so ubiquitous I asked Gonzalo and Cindy if they could do a Rumba Buena poster in this super unique style. A special thank you to Brocha Gorda for their creation!

Brocha Gorda